I am an artist based in Wales. I was born in Mid-Wales and moved to Pembrokeshire when I was eight years old. I graduated with BA Hons in Fine Art at U.W.E Bristol in 2002 and returned to Pembrokeshire where I have lived ever since.

I love to draw at every opportunity and am continually inspired by my surroundings, the amazing landscapes, from the atmospheric Preselli mountains and the stunning, dramatic coastline to everyday experiences of the world around me. I live in the village of Llangwm with my husband and two children and I don’t have to venture very far to be inspired, not only by people close to me but also the beautiful estuary, where nothing stands still. It is a constant inspiration, with ever changing moods and seasons , as the tides change and the boats come back and forth. This perhaps sounds lazy or uninspired but in the crazy, hectic, materialistic world we live in, I want my work to explore the simple things in life and the people and places I know best.  I hope to achieve my own narrative within my paintings telling a story of how I see the world around me.

Another important part of my life is gardening and growing plants for a living and I believe this complements my creativity as a painter.

I’m never without my sketchbook, drawing family, friends, objects of interest, recording the impression of the moment. My aim is to capture my experience in an individual style, hoping to provide the viewer with a different, fresh perspective.

I paint in lots of different mediums from oil to water colour and mixed media. I am fascinated by colour and mark making and I am continually experimenting, taking inspiration from other artists’ work and ideas.

Art and creativity are an inherent part of the way I live and I hope I will be inspired for the rest of my life!

Jasmine Cutting
Jasmine Cutting